Nursery & Children’s Ministry

Birth—6 months

We all know what little babies need most—mommy! Babies are welcome in the main service, and the nursery is available if you need a place to sit with your baby.

6 months—4 years old

The nursery provides a place for babies and toddlers to enjoy being together and playing with toys. Since many of these little people don’t speak yet, we look for simple ways to show them that Jesus is wonderful and He loves them very much. Typically, a short Bible story, snack time, activities, and play time are included.

If you have any questions or concerns about the nursery, or if you would like to help, please contact Kayla Krach (

Kindergarten—5th Grade

These five-to-twelve year-olds are probably the most “active” members of the church! After worshipping with their parents in the main service, these kids head to Children's Church, where teachers will lead them in activities and help them learn from the Bible in an age-appropriate way. Our main goal is to introduce these dear kids to Jesus and help them understand that he loves them and cares about them.

Please contact Tamara LaComb ( if you have any questions about the K—5th age group.